Modified Datapipe


Datapipe is a port redirector written by Jeff Lawson that runs on both Windows and Unix. The modified CSRGroup version of datapipe accepts standard input to increase stealth when datapipe is run on Unix. The problem was when the original datapipe is run on Unix the command line arguments show up in the process list which exposes the tool. With standard input the command line arguments are no longer visible on Unix.


Usage: datapipe.exe localhost localport remotehost remoteport

Sample Operation:

/tmp#>mv datapipe sneakyname

/tmp#>touch foo

/tmp#>echo "echo <local ip> <local port> <rem ip> <rem port> | sneakyname &" > foo

/tmp#>chmod 777 foo

/tmp#>PATH=. foo

/tmp#>rm -rf foo

/tmp#>rm -rf sneakyname

/tmp#>ps -eaf | grep sneakyname

Compiling compile on windows:

run the vcvars.bat to set the VC paths

cl /W3 d.c wsock32.lib

compile on nix:

cc -O -o datapipe-mod d.c



Datapipe Binary          MD5: bf714ce85b190736515b116c9e3366d4

Datapipe Source         MD5: ce009460822e1a37af49ec03f4576c18